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      To provide customers with the best service is our consistent attitude
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      Sunshine Technical Services (HongKong) Limited

      Sunshine Technical Services Guangzhou Limited

      Add: Room 917, WINS  Business Center, No. 78 Jiefangzhuang Road, Baiyun Avenue, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China

      Tel: 020 3677 2400                  Fax:020 3677 2410
      QQ:332549468@qq.com      E-mail: service@sunshinets.com   
      Driving: Search the navigation "Guangzhou WINS Business Center"
      Metro: Exit A, Huangbian Station, Line 2, Guangzhou Metro, after exit, go straight along Guangyun Road (southward) by 300M and then turn left to Jiefangzhuang Road by 200M

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